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Because You Matter!

As your next representative in the 69th Assembly District, I will work to:

Help you keep more of your money — Day-to-day expenses keep going up. Your taxes and all the added fees should not. We need to keep reining in government spending and taxation.

Keep the jobs we have and create opportunities for more — Government does not create jobs. Hard-working small business people and entrepreneurs do. If we clear the red tape holding business back, we could see unprecedented job growth.

Ensure every child has the best possible education — Your children deserve the chance to think big, work hard, and realize brighter futures. The American dream begins with quality education.

Foster a strong agricultural base — You are the reason we are America’s Dairyland. Farmers fight the weather and a weak economy. They shouldn’t have to fight Madison too.

These issues are at the heart of a strong and vibrant state that benefits all its citizens; because you matter.

Help support Bob in his campaign for the 69th Assembly District.

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